CNC Live Axis Turning & Milling Centers

Our process of using CNC Live Axis Turning & Milling Centers allows us to create more complex parts faster and with fewer errors.

CNC Live Axis Turning & Milling Centers

Our process of using CNC Live Axis Turning & Milling Centers allows us to create more complex parts faster and with fewer errors.

5 Axis Manufacturing and CNC Live 5 Axis Turning & Milling Centers

Our live 5-axis turning manufacturing process enables zero time changeover to maximize productivity and increase uptime.  

When it comes to complex parts manufacturing, there is only one name in the industry you need to know: Tecton Industries. We have consistently proven our abilities and fine-tuned our 5-axis manufacturing process to meet the needs of OEMs across the globe.


5 Axis Manufacturing Explained  

We are perfectly situated to produce precision components that meet exact specifications through our manufacturing process. At Tecton, the high level of complexity of the components that can be produced makes this process especially popular with those in the aerospace defense industry. However, we can also assist companies in various industries. In a single operation, precision components can be produced with our 5-axis milling centers. This greatly maximizes productivity and increases uptime.

Our manufacturing process allows components to be cut out of titanium, stainless steel, 7075 aluminum, 6061-T6 aluminum, and T 6511 and other metals using CNC live axis turning and milling centers. We use advanced CAM (computer-aided manufacturing) software to aid us in producing the most efficient design of complex tight tolerance component parts. This software ensures that we are maximizing efficiencies that allow us to provide component parts to our customers in little time and at the lowest possible price.

While in production the 5-axis work center inspects parts in our quality lab to ensure they meet print. After this, produced products are tested in our complete metrology lab. This ensures that every component you need for your applications can handle and perform under extreme conditions in space or wherever else your application will be used. With Tecton Industries, you can have peace of mind with every component that will be used in your project.


Benefits of 5 Axis Manufacturing and CNC Live Axis Turning & Milling Centers  

Aside from maximum productivity, the benefits of this manufacturing process offer a number of improvements over other processes and CNC tools:

  • Zero time changeover reduces the cost of human labor involved in the manufacturing process.

  • Even the most complex parts can be designed quickly and efficiently. This includes precision components with complex geometries.

  • The CNC live axis turning and milling centers involved in 5-axis manufacturing can perform different movements that allow even the most complex geometry precision components to be produced with ease.

With our manufacturing process, Tecton Industries can produce the components that meet your project specifications to a T. This manufacturing process ensures products are produced with maximum productivity keeping your project moving forward on time, every time.


We Are The Industry Leader You Can Trust With Complex Component Manufacturing  

Tecton Industries is the leading manufacturer in the industry. Due to this, you can trust us with the most complex and hard-to-produce components. While others may have failed to create the components you need for your various applications, we have over 39+ years of experience exceeding our customers’ expectations. When it comes to our team, each member brings in over 20+ years of experience. That equates to over 1,055+ years of manufacturing experience for our entire company.

We enjoy taking on challenging projects, especially those for the aerospace defense industry. Our ISO 9001:2015 and AS9100-certified processes ensure quality every time. Each component part we produce through our 5-axis manufacturing process meets industry standards. Please do not hesitate to contact us today to learn more about how we can help your project move forward.


Have a complex part? Bring it on!

We enjoy the challenge of complex parts others have failed to create. We are a leader in producing high quality, tight tolerance component parts from round stock, shaped stock, cast and forged materials serving a wide range of industries for our customers around the globe.

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