Component Part Manufacturer

Privately-held, Family-operated.

Tecton Industries specializes in high quality, tight tolerance, and complex parts for the most demanding industries around the globe. High or low volume runs are frequent in our facilities. We produce complex parts in low and high batches with 5 axis requirements and/or complex geometry that other component part manufacturers have failed at. Our manufacturing process, tools, and 40+ years of expertise enable us to complete your project to the exact specifications you provide us. In addition to meeting your specifications, we deliver our products on time which increases your ROI.

Our privately-held and family operated company was founded in 1981 and is located in the center of the Iowa Lakes Corridor, Spencer, Iowa. For 40+ years we have been committed to supporting the well-being and success of our valued employees, customers, and local communities. Our location in the midwest is an ideal base from which to serve OEM customers across the globe.

Industries Served  

Our quality machining solutions are valued by customers in diverse industries. The complex parts we make are used by companies ranging from defense aerospace and robotics OEM manufacturers to medical and off-road vehicle equipment producers. Hydraulics, metrology, archery and firearms make up some of the other sectors we’re proud to be involved with. Our customers value Tecton and have come to expect quality parts on-time and to the highest quality standards consisting of ISO 9001:2015 and AS9100 certifications and are ITAR compliant.

Tecton’s Customers  

Our customers are leaders in their industries because they manufacture high-value products that are required to perform flawlessly in the most demanding environments. Rightfully so, our customers expect the same high standards from the companies they work with to source parts and machining services.

At Tecton Industries, we strive to be a trusted strategic partner. Our process allows us to provide a rapid turnaround and ensure every part leaving our factory meets customer requirements. We are especially proud of our ability to deliver parts that are highly engineered and difficult to produce.

In addition, we guarantee confidentiality and privacy to all of our customers. Nothing will be disclosed without explicit consent.

Culture at Tecton Industries  

Our success is driven from our 40+ years of knowledge, experience, and hard work from our team of employees.

Recognizing this, we operate an employee-first culture where everyone is asked to follow three principles:

  • Maturity

  • Courtesy

  • Honesty

We don’t mandate rigid break times in our factory because we trust our employees to step away only when they need and for only as long as they need. In addition, there are many opportunities for advancement within our company because advancement is not tied to seniority.

At Tecton it’s understood by our employees that families are their top priority. Sometimes they need to be at home with their family or attend their children’s activities and we strive to accommodate these needs. We are happy to do so by adjusting schedules as needed. It’s all part of being flexible and supportive.

This employee-first culture is what’s unique about Tecton. Our priority to our employees is what has made us a resilient organization in the Spencer, Iowa community that helps us continue to be a special place to work.

Tecton Industries Community Initiatives  

Tecton gives back to Spencer and the wider region in many ways.

For example:

We’d like to think that one result of this involvement is that no one ever asks, “Who is Tecton Industries?”

More About Tecton Industries  

As you can probably tell, we’re proud of our company and what we do, but there’s more to learn. Click the links below to discover:

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